Adobe Technical Communication Suite

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28 hours (usually 4 days including breaks)


The objective of the course is to enable participants to gain a mastery of the basics and applications of Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

Course Outline

Adobe Framemaker

  • Understanding the FrameMaker model and its word processing and desktop publishing features.
  • Difference between structured and unstructured Framemaker
  • Working with framemaker documents, paragraph formats, page layout
  • The Structured Environment, Recognise DITA topics and maps and the elements which are to be used in the creation of content.
  • Attributes, The element catalog
  • Working with Text Elements
  • Insert content using elements which are moved, deleted, merged or split as required
  • Object Elements
  • Table Elements, customising tables
  • Importing Files into a Structured Flow
  • Validation of structured files to ensure that all DITA rules are adhered to.
  • Indexing
  • Master Pages
  • Book Building
  • Tables of Contents
  • Anchored frames and Graphics
  • Insert, modify and delete cross–references and variables within documents and between files
  • Create documents for distribution in various formats

Adobe Captivate

  • Product Overview and the Design Process/Describing Captivate Projects
  • Recording a Software Demonstration/The difference between simulations and demonstrations.
  • Working with Text Captions and the Timeline
  • Working with Images and objects
  • Pointer Paths, Buttons and Highlight Boxes
  • Converting Demonstrations into Simulations/recording an interactive simulation
  • Rollovers and Zoom Areas
  • Slide Labels, Notes and Audio
  • Animation and Flash Video
  • Using e-learning features
  • Creating Quizzes
  • MenuBuilder and Publishing Projects

Adobe Robohelp

  • Introduction to Robohelp/Workspaces, topics, TOC, generate HTML help, generate WebHelp, generate complicant and responsive HTML.
  • Create new projects and add content – import html, word, framemaker, pdf etc.
  • Project structure and CSS
  • Editing content
  • Creating links to other documents, hyperlinks, bookmarks etc.
  • Inserting images and multimedia
  • Reusing content
  • Indexes, search and glossaries,
  • Skins and master pages
  • Docs, Ebooks and scripts

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